Thursday, March 04, 2010

Robbie - What Verse Is This Now? *cough* - Williams

If Robbie Williams is going to continue to perform, he has got to rehearse more & smoke less.

He needs to give up the durries & learn his lyrics! I'm tired of him forgetting lyrics all the time. It's funny on occasion, especially Angels (how can anyone forget Angels?) since that's by far his most requested song & an alternate national anthem in Britain.

This public relations campaign for Reality Killed The Video Star (his latest album) has been less that stellar & some of the performances have just been embarrassing & insulting & cringeworthy.

Give up the fags Rob & pick up the lyrics sheet - you're beautiful voice is going to shit & your performances are worth a bit more respect from you than a cursory glance at the song book!

Who knows, if you went on stage knowing all the words you were about to sing, maybe your debilitating stage fright may not be so debilitating....just sayin'

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