Thursday, September 14, 2006

Loving The 21st Century! ~ Part Three

So this time I'm rocking out to Millenium, Back For Good & Rudebox by phone all over my house while at the very same time, my wonderful friends are doing the very same thing at the Milton Keynes Bowl in the UK.
They have actually renamed it Milton Keynes Plate now as they bounced so hard they flattened it! BWAAAHAHAHAHAAAAA!
My friends are not only kind & thoughtful, they're damn funny too!

This is where they were....

But this is where they were....

Note: This is not their actual vid...but they were this close...& we were all singing this song.

Monday, September 04, 2006

Steve Irwin - You Little Beauty!

Thanx Steve for teaching my little Auzzie all about Auzzie wildlife & keeping him safe.

He's growing up on the other side of the big pond & by the time of his 1st visit back home at 15 months of age, he knew not to touch the redback he found in Pop's shed.
He knew the blue tongue in the drain would not chase him & he knew his Grandparents place in the bush was not a scary place but a wonderful place full unusual & fascinating creatures.
A giant learning curve for a little boy from the 'burbs.
All thanx to The Crocodile Hunter.
Steve's autographed pictue has been on his wall for 8 years now. I can't see it coming down any time soon.

Condolences to Terri, Bindi & Bob, as well as his dad, sisters & the family of staff & friends at Australia Zoo - we all feel your loss on this sad, sad day.

If you would like to contribute to the continuation of Steve's work, please check out Wildlife Warriors.