Saturday, March 29, 2008

Celebrity Apprentice 2008

The following commentaries are part of an online convo I had during this season.
I STILL cannot read about the Trace Adkins/BSB interactions without laughing!
Classic IrReality TV!

Feb 18
I am so digging it!
For all you who know & loathe Piers Morgan, he's turning out to be loathed just as much on this show in the US as he is in the rest of the world! I can't believe I'm enjoying the Piers/Omorosa drama so much!!!! Who knew?!

I hate to see any of them go as the dynamics have been so good!
The whole Big Pussy thing was hilarious!

I have a new respect for Trace Adkins - I always thought he was a doofus but he's not so bad & he's come up with the best ideas. He's so droll.

How funny was it when Lennox Lewis was PM & everything was a vote?!

I don't mind Marylou so much either, I think it sucks she has to leave her team & join the enemy.

Tito has skated thru this whole thing so far, he's just gone along for the ride!

I thought the whole show would go downhill after Gene Simmons left as he was the spark in the first couple of episodes but it just gets better!
I can't wait to see 'PiersOrosa' crash & burn!

Feb 22
Adios Marylou.
Piers is such a knob eh?!
Trace continues to impress me! He's still creepy, but impressive!

Feb 29
OMG! Hats off to Omorosa!!!! She's an evil genius!!!
I can't stand her but she played Tito last nite like YoYo Ma plays a cello!!!!
She said she wanted PM but it was all calculated - she didn't think she could win against Carol Alt but didn't want to look like she was dodging PM!

OMG! Even now when I think about it I'm gobsmacked!
No wonder the Donald loves her - he must be in love with her mad manipulation skills!

Haven't we been watching her pour liquid over Piers all season? They need to think up something different, maybe spagetti bowl over the head or something!

Mar 7
We're 'Omorosa free'!

I'm not as satisfied as I would have thought after that thrashing last nite. I think actually I would have been more delighted if it was reversed & Piers was the one who was butchered!
She was great at the door ushering everone to her side tho - Lennox didn't know what to do!

How was the look on Trace's face when Piers kissed him! I don't think he'll ever recover! He acted like a classic closet homophobic cowboy! Maybe not so in the closet anymore - he seemed really pissed after the 'event'!

I love this show!

Mar 14
I can't believe I like Trace so much!!!! He is so dry!

I wish Piers would lose & lose big!
He was so much more tollerable when Omorosa was there, now he's just a non-tanned annoying Simon Cowell!
I can't wait for next week - I'm totally sucked into this show!

I kinda wish nobody got fired & they just did challenges every week - that would be great!.....They could do it all around the country, not just NYC.....then after a couple of seasons of that....they could do 'Worldwide Apprentice'....& drink tea off the top of a hot air balloon....oh wait....

Mar 21
I think Piers really gets under Trace's skin! Although I'm sure he annoys the majority of the people he meets.
I felt sorry for Carol, beaten coz Piers is so annoying!

I bet the voice that is heard for Piers at the auction is Simon Cowell! Piers & Simon together - ugh!
I hope Trace has other stars turn up at the auction besides his country sleb friends.

I can't believe the BSB are the dicks they're being made out to be - I'm sure there is some sabotage going on there.
Do they really have no clue who Trace is??? I didn't see a lot of recognition there from them. I'm no country fan but I knew who he was before this show started, I can't imagine other performers don't know!
Trace's reaction to the wheatgrass request was priceless - 'Am I being Punk'd?"

I hope Trace wins & I think the Donald does too. I can see him getting much more out of Trace than Piers in the future.

I have really enjoyed his show!

Mar 27
OMG!!!!! Are you watching??????


I'm laughing out loud & so much I'm crying!!!

I LOVE this show & I LOVE Trace Adkins!!!!! Not so much his music but I sure dig him!
"Don't get me started on the BSB".......Hysterical!!!!!

Mar 29
Piers was the right choice for winner but I think everyone conceeded that Trace was the best man!
Did you notice the Donald didn't fire Trace? He just said Piers, you're hired.

I have a suspicion that Piers' charity was a deliberate choice on his part to help him win & not because he has an overwhelming sense of affection for it. He's so manipulative!

The Cantor/Fitzgerald guy was who Piers called & said "you don't know me but..."
Piers sure has a successful way of raising $ that's for sure!
I could have done without the whole Simon Cowell thing - it was a bit staged & unnecessary.

I was crying at the thought of Trace & Lennox buying nail polish, & how Trace explained why he wanted Lennox to deliver it was priceless!

Who knew the BSB were such dicks!!! I thought they must have been winding Trace up but I guess they weren't.

I'm laughing now as I'm writing about him telling how he played with a broken leg & how he got 12" of his colon cut out after a gig...& how he appreciates himself more after this! .....Classic!

He 'might just add wheatgrass to his rider'! hahahahahaaaaa!

What a great show - the whole thing was awesome.

Well done Donald - I can't wait for the next season!