Saturday, March 06, 2010

Back Bay - When Bees Attack!

Ok, maybe they were not exactly attacking, maybe they were just moving house...

Either way, thanx Mr. Anonymous Biker with the yellow jersey. You're anguished cry when you rode thru the bee swarm alerted me to the oncoming wall of buzz that I didn't hear due to the dulcet tones of Robbie Williams serenading me thru my earphones.
What do I do?
I remember - I race swiftly away in a zig-zag manner.
So I did...& lived to tell the tale.

Come to find out tho, the zig-zag method of escape is the subject of great debate. Zig-zag or make a 'beeline' to the closest cover - you make the call!

If bees attack you: L.A. County Agricultural Commissioner suggests:
- do not stay in one spot trying to remove bees with your hand
- leave area in a fast zig/zag pattern away
- do not swat at bees as you are running - cover face; use clothes to protect eyes and mouth from bees
- seek shelter inside enclosures where bees cannot enter such as a car or building (lying down or huddling under clothing or partial protection generally will not help)

Insecta Inspecta answers; WHAT SHOULD YOU DO IF ATTACKED?
· Africanized bees are slow fliers and most healthy people can out run them.
· Run away in a straight line, protecting your face. Avoid other people, or they too will be attacked.

All agree however that either way you leave the area, you need to run like Usain Bolt.

Others who survived the giant bee swarm...

One that didn't...

& one that I thought did until I realised it was not a skunk...

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