Thursday, May 17, 2007

You Are Correct - Al Franken

Rush Limbaugh really is an idiot! (or maybe just lazy)

On his radio show this morning he was regurgitating his 'I met Bill Clinton' story & how he met Los Angeles' mayor 'Villagarossa'. That's what he called him every time he said his name!
(FYI - his name is Antonio Villaraigosa)

Head Ditto did say it was difficult to hear & he didn't catch the mayor's name at first but if that were the case & this were you & you were going to speak about it the next morning on your nationally syndicated radio show, wouldn't you find out for sure what the guy's name was instead of mispronouncing it every time you said it!

I notice his staff got it right in the transcript on his website. This is also in the transcript...
'I don't believe in coincidences with the Clintons. I just don't. Of all places he chooses to go to dinner, the Kobe Club the same night I'm there?'

Of course it would make complete sense to this egotist that Bill Clinton would choose to go to this restaurant just because he was there.

I am not a fan of any of these men (however I do believe Bill Clinton has the higher moral ground by far out of the 3 of them) but to not know the name of the LA mayor when you're paid as a political commentator? Well that's just the work of a lazy man....or the work of an idiot.