Saturday, December 06, 2008

Respect Your Elders

So I have been back in Oz where I grew up for about a week & I am quite proud to see how well the elderly are treated & respected here compared to Los Angeles when I now live.

A couple of examples;

1 - I was waiting at the counter of a chemist & an elderly woman was putting the change from her purchase in her purse in front of me. She was slow, doddery & holding up the queue. Instead of talking over the top of her & asking how she could help me, the young girl behind the counter just looked at me & smiled, saying nothing, but quietly waiting for the old woman to move so she could help me.
It didn't take much time out of our day to wait but for me, it is a lesson in respect that will last a lifetime.

In California this scenario would have been different. The girl would have served me while the old lady was still at the counter so as not to keep me waiting. Fair enough, customer is king. I think though, society would be a tad better off & if we just cooled our jets a little.

2 - I was on the Manly Ferry & a couple of hoons were being loud & silly. Harmless teenage stuff but loud none the less. They however had no thought to giving up their seat to a elderly couple when they came on deck & toning down their behaviour immediately. I know this doesn't happen all the time but I can't help thinking it happens way more in Oz than LA....& not just because there is no Manly Ferry in LA!

Well done Australia!