Tuesday, July 05, 2005


Robbie Williams - Best Performance of the Day

How GREAT was this event?! I know a lot of people thought it was indulgent, ineffective & insulting to have a mass of the world's richest entertainers poncing around 4 continents performing for human rights, but it was still the coolest thing to happen since
Live Aid.
I watched the whole day on my puter with extremely good streaming, it was amazing!

I will not say the same for the US MTV broadcast of the same event however. How anyone could balls this up so badly still mystifies me!

"Yes, we have Will Smith on in the background now & he's doing a magnificent job. What a great show today. You should see how the crowd is reacting...blah blah blah."

Yeah? Well, get out from in front of the camera & let us see, YOU WANKERS!!!!

Anyway, I just think it's amazing to live in this era where we can all watch the same thing & interact with people from all over the world, all in real time.
Gives me goose bumps.

Now if it has an effect on the G8 then it will really have been worthwhile. If not, it was still a rockin' day & I'm sure it will be appreciated in years to come way more than it seems to be now.