Saturday, February 13, 2010

Happy Birthday Old Man


Today we celebrate that you;

* Are closer to 50 than 20 - kudos!
* Are generously donating the profits from your 3rd single, 'Morning Sun', from your latest album 'Reality Killed the Video Star', to the charity Sport Relief
* Are involved with another charitible single to support Haiti - Everybody Hurts & it's the #1 single this week
* Are in love with a beautiful woman
* Are looking happy & healthy (if not a fashion plate) performing on So You Think You Can Dance....

LG - Life's Good!

Next week we celebrate that you;

* Are winning your 16th (maybe 17th) Brit Award
* Are receiving the Brits Lifetime Achievement Award
* Are wearing it well after 20 years in the business

Next year, let's celebrate that you;

* Are a non-smoker
* Are married
* Are performing & enjoying it
* Are putting actual B sides on your singles again instead of crap remixes of the A side


Everybody Hurts

Reality Killed the Video Star

Morning Sun available from March 8th.

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