Monday, February 08, 2010

Bring Back The Old Next Blog Link

I don't like the 'new improved' Next Blog link!

I want the old one back!

That one that took me to random places & introduced me to things I'd never thought about or seen before. Art I liked or thought was weird, or both. Political opinions on all things from all sides. Space. Frogs. Stupid people & clever pets.

Now all I seem to get is families.
No matter where I start, within a couple of clicks I'm looking at a little face with a rosette covered ribbon around it's head.
Seriously, I didn't do that to my own kid, why do you think a picture of someone else's kid who I don't know would interest me?


I found this explanation...
We've made the Next Blog link more useful, by taking you to a blog that you might like.


I want to opt out of..."The new and improved Next Blog link will now take you to a blog with similar content, in a language that you understand."

I want to opt back into...'The old unimproved Next Blog link that will take me to a blog with nothing similar to the previous blog & not necessarily in the same language'....please?

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