Sunday, January 10, 2010

Tiger is a Lyin' & He's Always Been A Cheeta

So why is Elin the stalked person?


TigerLyinCheeta has gone to ground like the weasel he is, leaving Elin & his kids to take the tsunami of attention.

Way to man-up TigerLyinCheeta! You need to not only man-up but human-up! A descent person would not let anyone be exposed to this scrutiny if they had the power to stop it. Of course, you gave up that power when you chose to lie & cheat didn't you?

Obviously TigerLyinCheeta is not capable of descent behaviour so I'm calling out the paparazzi on this one - why has TigerLyinCheeta been given a 'Get Out Of The Glare of Public Scorn Free Card'?

Where is he? Palm Beach? New York? Aspen? Africa?

Since he left the hospital there has been sightings but no pics of him, no video, no interviews, no stalking of him while he's on vaykay with his kids.
Oh, that's right, he's not with his kids - Merry Christmas children!

Argh! I digress.

TigerLyinCheeta should be doing the walk of shame, not Elin or their kids or her sister or anyone else from her family.

Paparazzi, you are not doing your job - j'accuse! Leave Elin to her friends & family & make the life of TigerLyinCheeta miserable instead.

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