Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Chrisonabike = Illuminati Puppet!

EDIT Jan 9th, 2010.
I don't know how far the Illuminati's crusty, gnarled fingers extend into the blogosphere but eerily enuf, this vid, & in fact this user's whole account has just been closed!

Could it be that I uncovered a secret plot?
Are they corrupting pop culture with subliminal symbols??
Is that lean-to really a sign???
Is Robbie Williams really a puppet???? (no, not this kind of puppet!)
Do I have too much time on my hands right now?????

Prolly ;)

Whatever the case, I'm leaving the original post up as it gave me a giggle...

Bless you theorphan16 for your ernest, however slightly misguided interpretation of Bodies.
I am so tempted to join ATS just so I can post a link to this vid...

Q: When is a lean-to not a lean-to?
A: When it is a Freemason's symbol of a pyramid inserted into a pop video to secretly corrupt the youth of the world! hahahahahahaaaaaa

What do you say about these pics then?
Egypt Holiday Pics 2008

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