Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Barack Obama - President for the World

Everyone is rejoicing!


Well, we're finally getting an adult back into the White House - yay!

Not any adult either but an adult who has far reaching ties to every corner of the globe.

Kenya loves him as his dad was Kenyan.
Indonesia loves him as he lived there for a couple of years.
All Pacific Islands love him as he was born in Hawaii.
The whole continent of Africa (yes, Sarah Palin, it's a continent) loves him because of his black roots.
Latin America loves him just because 'sí, se puede'.
Germany loves him because he campaigned in Berlin.
Obama, Japan loves him & have even started learning the Hula!
The Middle East loves him as he has put an 'Hussein' in the White House.
Australia & the EU love him just because he is not W.
Ireland loves him because his name is Obama.

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