Friday, October 31, 2008

Hey California - Vote NO on Prop 8

I just went out front to see if there were any more trick-or-treaters cruising around & discovered my 'Vote No on Prop 8' sign has been stolen!

Now it could have been a prank of course, but since my next door neighbour's 'vote yes' sign is still solidly in the ground, as are the 3 down the street, I can only surmise it was taken by a goodly, God fearing Christian. A caring soul who believes that everybody has the right to live in a free society & have the freedom of long as that choice is in accordance with the yes on Prop 8 doctrine.

Or maybe they are just homophobic.

Or both, it's not like those two conditions are incompatible really is it?

Either way, now I have blogged about Prop 8 & will get 2 more yard signs tomorrow so their petty scheme has backfired!

Prop 8 Info

I even found a yard sign for my blog!

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