Sunday, June 26, 2016

Australia Wins Again!

Hey EU & your mates UK & US....I know you all think it's always all about 'yous' & lately ONLY all about yous but next Saturday (July 2nd, 2106), Australia is throwing a little shindig of it's own.
It's called a Double Dissolution Election! :o
With changed voting rules for the senate just to throw a little twist into an already convoluted system, oh, and now with an atmosphere that has Auzzie stocks & $ falling as Brexit shockwaves hit the country.
And, we have our own versions of all 'you's' issues, isms & phobias as well; economies, disasters, racism, sexism, homophobia, etc...
But WE WIN! - Beyond all our governments sharing qualities in various degrees of inept, incompetent, uninformed, corrupt, dishonest, selfish and hateful - Our pollies have made the Great Barrier Reef available to the highest bidder & some of them still are not reeeeally sure about climate change even though we lost the 1st mammal due to climate change just last week from our land & have lost 50% of the top 1/3 of our Great Barrier Reef from our water. Our pollies have thousands of scientists begging them for action but still they stand firm with their feet planted solidly in that choaly ground assured Mother Nature will continue to provide & not radically change from what we are continuing to do to it.
That's why we win....the Biggest Loser Pollies are all Auzzies!

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