Friday, April 02, 2010

You Are NOT Correct! - President Obama

Nor are you only "Black, African Am., or Negro."

I cannot believe you filled out the 2010 Census form & only checked 'black' for race!
I find it disgusting that race is defined by colour in this country at all but given that it is, you are black AND white and should have checked both boxes!

To not acknowledge your white half is to show complete disregard for half of your entire family! In fact, you do a great disservice to all multi-racial people in this land by sucumbing to stereotypes & old racist views of 'it only takes a drop'.
Can you imagine the uproar if you had checked just 'white'? That uproar should be loud in your ears right now about your choice of heritage, or more accurately, your choice to only acknowledge half of it.

Is it not illegal to not be completely honest on this Census form?

Shame on you!

I can tell you for a fact, you mother would be very hurt!

Source: YahooNews

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