Monday, August 28, 2006

Vegemite Crisis!!!

Auzzies in the US have been happily buying Vegemite from Cost Plus, Mother's, O'Henry's etc for years....until now!
I have just spent my morning tracking down why it has mysteriously disappeared off shelves everywhere.
After a long & exhaustive investigation (not willing to do it often but for question!) I have the answer...

The FDA will not allow importation of foods with added folic acid.
Why the FDA have such a problem with folic acid is another head scratcher for another day.
Do they want more birth defects? I don't get it!
I think they need more anemic, pregnant women involved in their decision making process.

Anyway, Kraft apparently do not think it worth their while to import the 'old' recipe of Vegemite (early '90s) with the 'acceptable' amount of folic acid in it.
Their international legal dept. have taken over the issue now, I guess to fight for the 'new' folic acid added recipe to be allowed.
Conclusion, it's going nowhere fast!

Meanwhile, Auzzies all over the US are losing their accents, surfing badly, getting drunker quicker & having the lifeblood slowly drained out of them - It's TRAGIC!

OK dear reader, I know you know an Auzzie. They've been nice to you, right?
Made fun times funner, spun a few yarns, taught you some new words, played a joke or two on you or your mates, shared with you some insignificant pieces of world knowledge;
the area of Australia covered by snow in winter is larger than the area of Switzerland, or
the 'black box' flight recorder was invented in Australia....
stuff like that.
Now is your chance to show your appreciation!

Please call Kraft 1-800-323-0768 & tell them that they in fact have NOT sold the product to International Glace but are in the process of legal wrangling with the FDA over folic acid content.
Please tell them that you would consider it a personal favour if they just started re-importing the 'old' recipe of Vegemite (no folic acid added) & everyone will be happy again...

Kraft won't have to battle the FDA, Internationl Glace could start distributing again (which is their connection to this), store employees won't have to sound clueless when they tell enquiring customers that the 'company doesn't manufacture the product anymore' & Auzzies all over the States will regain their former joyful disposition & happy demeanor which, let's face it friends, the US could use as much of as it can get!
In the end, we're all just Happy Little Vegemites aren't we?

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