Friday, March 03, 2006

Ode To A Kitchen Helper

As it's raining today, I'm posting a little ditty I penned last year during the 'Great SoCal Deluge', when everything that wasn't nailed down tightly (& some things that were), washed down thru the humanity that is LA & OC counties, into the LA & Santa Ana rivers & onto the beaches.
Rain here brings a veritable treasure trove of house parts, along with the more mundane tennis balls, dog chew-toys, plastic garden chairs & of course, bamboo.

Where did you come from broken colander?
Someone’s kitchen no doubt.
Did you slide down from Bel Air?
Or were you abused by a 2 year old & thrown out?
Now you are thrashed & discarded
Strewn & abandoned along the shore.
Try to make friends with the bamboo
You can’t drain spaghetti anymore.

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