Monday, June 06, 2005

We Want To Relieve Their Debt?

The tsunami has apparently uncovered a dirty little secret along the shores of Somalia. Tonnes of toxic waste from EU companys have been washed ashore from illegally dumped barrels which were dug up by the churning ocean. This dumping was enabled by some Somali warlords who profited hansomely from charging for access to 'their' shores throughout the '90s.
Now many Somalis are suffering illnesses - from unusual infections to symptoms similar to radiation sickness.
How is it I found out about this in the June edition of Surfer mag?
Did you know about this?
Shouldn't it be a bigger story? - it would be if it was happening to a 1st world coastline, dontcha think?
Next month Live8 will be encouraging the G8 to forgive 3rd world debt, including Somalia.
I agree that 3rd world debt is a millstone around the necks of many poorer countries but before we go forgiving debt all over the place, can we have a gander at the regimes of these countries & maybe ask them for a little more humanity, a little more responsibility, a little less selfishness in exchange for forgiving the debt?

I suggest Googling 'tsunami + toxic waste' to find out more.

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