Monday, May 30, 2005

Carrying On McDuff

As you can see, nothing has happened here since I set it up.
I have been waiting (very patiently) for my mate to jump in...alas...that's obviously not happening.
I am carrying on regardless.
I'm sure she will eventually. When this site becomes too 'liberal' or 'unbalanced' there will be an outcry from the sidelines & she will feel obligated to get in the game & present the 'sane & rational' view of whatever I've discussed.
Manipulation? Maybe. It's what friends do for each other all the time. I know it will be good for her & at some point she will thank me...or give me a ration for forcing her to add more work to her already overloaded days. Probably both.

EDIT: As it's been almost a year (today is Apr 30th '06) & my friend has yet to put finger to key, I have officially taken over this blog!
Of course, her imput is still welcome anytime (never gonna happen! lol) but I am now treating this as my own personal playground, studio, school & soapbox.

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